Software drum machine for the progressive guitarist
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Why choose Rhythm Rascal over other drum software applications?

  • You can create complex songs, with time signature and tempo changes.
  • You can reuse patterns throughout the song. For example, write the chorus pattern once, and reuse it at different parts in the song with a click of the mouse. Any changes you make to the pattern will take effect everywhere you use it.
  • The sequences for all drum pads are shown on the screen at once, rather than selecting them one at a time, so you can easily visualize the beat.
  • Assign names to patterns so you don't need to remember pattern numbers!


  • Create professional drum tracks using your computer.  Your song is exported to standard WAV file for use in other programs, such as multi-track recording software or CD burning applications.
  • Export the drum tracks to MIDI file format 0 or format 1.
  • Use the included drum sounds, or import just about any WAV sample file for your drum kit.
  • Humanization features add slight velocity and timing offsets to the final WAV mixdown, to sound more human and less mechanical.
  • Design patterns visually or interactively in real time.
  • Metronome for real time pattern recording.
  • Odd time signatures are supported.  Rhythm Rascal abstracts the notion of "time signature" to simply "Beats and "Beat type" to create any conventional or unconventional meters.
  • Each pattern has its own meter defined, so your song is free to change time signatures at any time.
  • Tempo is set globally for the song, or each pattern can have an alternate tempo.
  • Each drum pad is assigned a color, so you can easily recognize it within your patterns.
  • Reuse patterns throughout the song.  Easily Copy and Paste entire patterns or song sequences instead of rewriting the same measure each time.
  • Import/export to zip archive for sharing songs with your friends or long term storage.
  • Enhanced user interface, with customizable toolbars and menus, dockable windows, and support for Windows XP themes.